The TomCats are a band that will remind you why you love  music or introduce you to a whole new heartfelt world in music.  This Southwest Virginia based band plays rock/country/blues to make your feet dance and , your heart ready to burst with emotions.  Classic rock from Lynyrd Skynyrd,  ZZ Top, Tom Petty, Bob Segar, plus a dose of country from Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard and Chris Stapleton combines with blues from artist such as Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Allman Brothers, and Joe Cocker.  These influences set the groundwork for a blend of musical personalities.  Add the bands original songs from their first CD (planned release summer 2019) and you have music to make your ears smile.


Clip samples of TomCats music


My mother always told me, even if a song has been done a thousand times, you can still bring something of your own to it. I'd like to think I did that.”

— Etta James


Contact Information:

Ronald Addison (TomCats)


(276) 608-3646